mentorship messages

catalyse your own regenerative projects and get your questions answered in the mentorship messages. if you need support for your small projects as you transition your home (and community!) towards a positive, collaborative, regenerative future, starting with what you have, the messages are for you.

want to trial the mentor messages? try your first week free to see if we’re a good fit!

these are private audio messages that will yield around 45 minutes each month of personal responses from elisa. send your questions in your own time, and elisa will respond in hers, in the pockets of time between herding goats, tending the orchards and gardens, running the farmhouse, making films and writing. let’s have a conversation that gets your most important regenerative projects moving forward.

in addition to the mentor messages, you’ll have access to the collaboratively-directed monthly farm tours, get your name in the credits of the long-form films, make suggestions for future films, receive the the journal of small work* letters subscription, rss for read-alouds, and receive each volume of the printable book as it emerges, with your name in the acknowledgements of the next volume. questions about whether this is a fit or more details about how it works? send a note to elisa.

our mentor patrons also make it possible to make more films, letters, articles, books, podcasts and live events of our experiments in regenerative ways of living on the smallholding and the island beyond. many thanks! 

what’s included for patrons:

  • mentor messages
  • the farm + farmhouse tour + archives
  • the journal of small work* essays
  • the journal of small work* book, volumes I, II…
  • your-name-in-the-credits + suggestion box

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