farm + farmhouse tours

our farm-tour patrons co-create a monthly farm and farmhouse tour film with elisa, directly based on their questions and requests. join us in exploring the systems that function resiliently here, with a close-up on what’s happening in this particular moment in the season. each month we privately release a freshly filmed tour of appleturnover, including current challenges and successes, what regenerative projects we’re working on next and featuring patron questions. farm-tour patrons get an opportunity to direct the focus of these films and to see more closely behind the scenes how things could work in their own lives. 

our farm-tour patrons also make it possible for us to make more films, articles, books, podcasts and live events of our experiments in regenerative ways of living on the smallholding and the island beyond. many thanks! 

in addition to the monthly tours, get your name in the credits of the long-form films, make suggestions for future films, receive the letters subscription and a copy of the journal of small work* serial printable book with your name in the acknowledgements, as well as early access to  the journal of small work* radio.

you’ll get your patron-only video farm + farmhouse tour monthly, and the private thread stays open to ongoing discussion and questions. tour patrons have access to the patron-only archive, where we’re building a private library catalogued by seasons, of small works to support your own projects.

deepening connections with each other and support for all of our small work, particularly within the member-only threads, is the heart of this project.

if this feels like the collaborative project for you to get more support and insight into the philosophy, practices and skills of regenerative living so you can get more done on your own projects, check out the farm tour membership. we look forward to seeing you at the next farm + farmhouse tour!

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small works membership

get the small works subscription for an immersion in new written and filmed works that explore the practical possibilities of living in ways that create a flourishing future, while adapting to profound uncertainty.

what if the small work of how we live each day could transform the world?

the small work is the practice and philosophy of culturing regenerative lives, following collaborative patterns of being, starting with what we can reach with our own hands.

new for 2024! plans are in the works for a new season of the journal of small work* ‘tv’ series, as islanders join elisa at appleturnover farm for collaborative projects and conversations about how we can live in ways that make a brighter future. get your name in the credits of new films and make suggestions for future episodes.

elisa writes small works —essays and posts — weekly-ish, and thrives on the patron conversations that regularly inform the direction of this project.

receive the small works collected into new volumes of the journal of small work* printable book with your name in the acknowledgements, download the first volumes, and get early access to recordings of read-alouds. crowd-publishing the essays is community supported activism and creates new pathways for ongoing volumes of the book and companion projects.

at appleturnover on patreon our discussions often bring up ideas and questions that elisa answers in film form and in written works. join a conversation about how regenerative practices and frameworks could work in our own lives and pattern a better world.

appleturnover members support and inform independent, experimental filmmaking and writing at a critical moment in time, and do amazing small works in their own place in the world. be a part of a growing movement.

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mentorship messages

catalyse your own regenerative projects and get your questions answered in the mentorship messages. if you need support for your small projects as you transition your home (and community!) towards a positive, collaborative, regenerative future, starting with what you have, the messages are for you.

want to trial the mentor messages? try your first week free to see if we’re a good fit!

these are private audio messages that will yield around 45 minutes each month of personal responses from elisa. send your questions in your own time, and elisa will respond in hers, in the pockets of time between herding goats, tending the orchards and gardens, running the farmhouse, making films and writing. let’s have a conversation that gets your most important regenerative projects moving forward.

in addition to the mentor messages, you’ll have access to the collaboratively-directed monthly farm tours, get your name in the credits of the long-form films, make suggestions for future films, receive the the journal of small work* letters subscription, rss for read-alouds, and receive each volume of the printable book as it emerges, with your name in the acknowledgements of the next volume. questions about whether this is a fit or more details about how it works? send a note to elisa.

our mentor patrons also make it possible to make more films, letters, articles, books, podcasts and live events of our experiments in regenerative ways of living on the smallholding and the island beyond. many thanks! 

what’s included for patrons:

  • mentor messages
  • the farm + farmhouse tour + archives
  • the journal of small work* essays
  • the journal of small work* book, volumes I, II…
  • your-name-in-the-credits + suggestion box

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