i had a wonderful conversation with alissa from ‘the english homemaker’ and i think you’ll appreciate her excellent questions in this episode, ‘why the small work matters most’.

from @theenglishhomemaker:

I’m so excited to share today’s new episode with you! It’s a beautiful conversation with the wonderful Elisa @appleturnover all about how she chooses to live and more importantly why. She’s a deep thinker and excellent communicator – she can break down big concepts in a way I’ve never experienced – and she does that throughout the episode.

We talk about so many things from life with goats on Salt Spring Island, to breaking down the conquering patterns, to productivity and enoughness. She comes at life asking

“what if we could transform how we live, so that the way we live regenerates life?” – and that permaculture mindset flows into everything she does.

If you loved Episode 7 with my brother, then you will also love this! I hope it uplifts you and inspires you.


i hope you enjoy the conversation.