the most restorative act of the day –

and so we end the first year of the journal of small work* radio as we began it, thinking about writing as a tool for orienting ourselves to the future we are co-creating with our daily actions. clarifying where we have been and preparing for where we may be going, reimagining possible futures, while managing all that is within our tending, this is the work of our time.

thank you the appleturnover patrons, for your support.

this particular small work* is a remix of a weekly-ish letter sent out to patrons. if an immersion in this work would support you, join us.

happy mid-winter, or mid-summer, north or south, as i take my leave of the podcast for a while, and turn my attention to the films and letters.

my good patrons, think about what questions you’d love to have answered in a very small work*, a letter or a short short film — one minute long! — consider this a first round of the call out for requests that might make the list. just post your idea on, or send me a message.

 i’m excited to make some small, dense little pieces that i can release quickly. then, on with the next journal of small work*!

for those of you who have been eagerly anticipating a film on the kitchen garden, this continues to take shape and i’d particularly like to make some tiny nimble shorts on the subject which may answer your urgent questions and inform the longer film. it won’t be long til this part of the world is back to sowing seeds!



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