the world is procrastinating –

finding our way into good-enough action. this small work* looks at some ways that we can counter, within ourselves, the pattern of perfectionism that shows up in a world stuck in procrastination on the kind of cultural transformation that can move us into ecological, economic balance. the world is procrastinating – is a companion piece to the journal of small work* film, ‘coldframe‘. 

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speaking of procrastinating, i am so looking forward to sharing season one’s episodes as part one of the serial-released book of collected writing. learning some advanced book design in the middle of harvest season was a push but it is nearly there! i am just fine-tuning the chapter design and will send it out to patrons as soon as all edits are complete. i hope you’ll find the book design quite pleasing.

thanks for listening to the journal of small work* podcast. with such gratitude to our good patrons.

i hope my experiments empower you in yours.

x elisa