within our influence –

how we reduced our electricity use by 70%, and all the many small ways we went about it, here in the appleturnover farmhouse. 

this small work* is a close cousin to the journal of small work* films, “wood stove” and “pulley airer“.

i hope that some of these ideas are useful to you, in whatever context you are translating into, even just the simple idea that we might give ourselves and each other permission to do things differently, to co-create the conditions for a better future.

did you see my new film, “running ducks“yet?

i had an opportunity after finishing the film to pay important visits to beloved family and old friends in the city, and now i’m home i’m very excited about a new short film series i have in the works. patrons, look out for a call for your requests for that project!

with huge gratitude to the film, letters and radio patrons for your dedicated support.

 x elisa

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