charcoal-fired earth oven

cooking outside in a charcoal-fired earth oven while we gather to make biochar to nurture the soil is primal joy. we can all contribute something, and in working together, work becomes play. like many hands round the biochar kiln, collaborative cookery lightens the load, shares the wealth and makes much more than the sum of its parts. this charcoal social is double pot-luck, everyone goes away nourished, to nurture land and community in turn.

to deeply relocalise and meet more of our needs right where we live, is at once to increase our resilience in a world of fragile systems, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the destruction of people and places that continues to escalate in their pursuit and from their use, and to build the collaborative world we need to thrive simply together.

it’s a sound pattern for a flourishing future.

how will we get from here to there? follow appleturnover for more small works on new patterns for living well.

thanks to salt spring island farmland trust and the root food hub for hosting the burn in the permaculture garden on the beautiful ancestral, unceded traditional land of the Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples, and screening my new film, ‘biochar kiln’, to our jolly biochar expert and wood-fire cooking mentor brian smallshaw, and to salt spring apple festival and all the good appleturnover folk whose support made the film possible.