coldframe (the carpentry remix)

a remix of building the coldframe from the journal of small work* episode four. it’s a great time to knock one together, whether you are heading into spring or fall.  now the snow is melting i’ll be starting some cool-loving seeds and then hardening off seedlings in mine. it’s a particularly nice pairing with the soil blocks i showed last week, and if the weather will co-operate, i’ll be topping my hotbed with a coldframe too!

fingers crossed the hotbed project will happen this week. i started filming the preparations for the site, which have taken far longer than i thought (the only things that don’t are the ones i wait for years to get round to…those often take half the time) as the holly i’m removing is not one tree but six…sigh.

i was so pleased to find, at a local permaculture meeting last month, a beautiful version made with an old glass-paned door, in the host’s garden, inspired by ‘coldframe’.

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