neighbourhood grapevines

to make new grapevines from the old grapevine and share them with our neighbours feels like magic. it’s the edge of pruning season so i took some dormant cuttings for a bicycle ride in the community to swap and share with neighbours. it’s a humble model for resilience, bonding us to each other, to the plants, to the land, within another economy that begins to co-create the conditions for a thriving world.

this small work is a companion to the long-form piece, ‘grapevine’. it really is a plant with tremendously multiple functions and the half-century-old vine we live with is integral to the farm and farmhouse.

stay tuned to hear how the red-wine grape cuttings do in the woodchip nursery i made in this short, and for a version in the hotbed.

thanks to all of you fine folks who support the making of these films.

in other news! the hotbed is up and running despite every stumbling block life could throw! the seedlings and seeded soilblocks have moved in and now the work is to manage temperatures and moisture. i shall endeavour to make a short or two for those of you ready to dive right in (especially our aussies!).

i’m also attending another biochar burn and with luck, this one will be something of a party. it should make a nice finale for the film (which is well on its in way in post-production) as well as a couple of very special shorts too.