small farm sessions

come along round the farm and farmhouse for about an hour’s video call with elisa, one-on-one. we’ll talk over your questions as we potter about herding goats, wrangling geese, gathering eggs, picking apples, weeding the gardens, tending the orchard, knitting by the fire or baking in the farmhouse kitchen. interrupting roosters, rude ganders, chatty ducks, lap-cats and naughty goats are the territory. get an insight into the farm while we help move your own situation closer to your regenerative goals for household and community sufficiency, whether that’s permaculture solutions in the family, farmhouse, farm or community, life-learning mentorship, living reciprocally with animals, or as a guide as you navigate your transition toward a personally and ecologically regenerative life.

in addition to the small farm sessions, you’ll have access to monthly streamed farm tours with q&a’s, get your name in the credits of the long-form films, make suggestions for future films, receive the letters and the companions serial printable book and early access to the journal of small work* radio!

our small farm patrons also make it possible for us to make more films, letters, articles, books, podcasts and live events of our experiments in regenerative ways of living on the smallholding and the island beyond.

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